Upcoming Solutions

Smart Street Lighting

The Smart Street Lighting Use Case is an end-to-end use case that is intended to demonstrate our System Integration capabilities (as would be the case for all SKUs). One of the solution flavours is being based on a Cloud WiFi solution. The second flavour would be based on a C-SGN stack and a SCEF component, from different vendors. The third flavour would be based on an NB-IoT core containing C-SGN and SCEF, both from the same vendor. The use case would facilitate lights control using advance cases such as ambient lighting and dimming. Commercial IoT platforms as well as those used by the TechM IoT team would be explored for integration purposes. Since a part of the ecosystem is still getting ready, the solution has been phased according to the above flavours.

Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)

MEC based solutions are part of SMART-X offerings. The focus is to deliver digital content and applications from Network Edge i.e. as close as possible to users. This improves user experience, network economics and monetization. Smart Retail, Smart Health, Connected Cars, Video Content Delivery, IOT Gateway and Enterprise LAN breakout are some of the use cases that can be delivered through MEC.

Connected Car

There are 2 flavours for this SKU w.r.t. the Network Core, viz. The C-SGN and the SCEF. This includes the combined stack. There are a lot of use cases under connected cars, e.g. proactive maintenance, driver assistance, emergency response, smart tolls, etc. The exact use case(s) would be agreed in discussion with the Connected Cars IoT team in TechM. Currently, the TechM Connected Vehicles platform is being considered to realise the use case(s).

Industrial IoT

Smart Metering is being considered as the key use case under Industrial IoT, targeted specifically at the Energy and Utilities sector. The intent of this use case is be to remotely monitor the electricity/gas/water meters thus improving operational efficiency and customer engagement. Again, the 3 solution flavours that were considered for SKU-1 would be considered for SKU-2. The platform and simulator approach remains unchanged. In addition, the Industrial IoT use cases would explore the dimension of SCADA conversion to IoT by collaborating with leading industry players. However, this aspect needs further study.

Smart Healthcare

A Remote Health Monitoring use case to cater to services such as preventive care, post discharge monitoring and chronic care support. The SKU would be based on the TechM Smart Health platform and would implement the a Cloud WiFi solution for communication.