Deployable End to End Productized Solutions


We are realizing an end to end VoLTE service in the VNFXchange that is based on IP Multimedia Subsystem and Evolved Packet Core system with specific profiles for control and media planes of voice service on LTE defined by GSMA in PRD IR92.This approach is based on voice service being delivered as data flows within the LTE data bearer. The service is built using commercially available fully virtualized components of core IMS, and EPC. These components are pre-integrated, acceptance tested for functionality, stability and for elasticity like scaling up and scale down. This PoC will address all the integration complexities of the multi-vendor products and will aid smooth deployment of service and will be an accelerator for adoption of SDN-NFV. The design for this use case is completed, the VNFs are on boarded and are currently being configured


We are establishing an End-to-End SD WAN solution. The service will be built using commercially available virtualized components. These components will be tested for integration with 3rd Party Orchestration Platforms and VNFs, which will showcase the possibilities and integration complexities of Versa with multi-vendor products and will enable TechM to showcase value added services bundled with the solution.


We have displayed Hybrid (Multi-Domain) Provisioning. Demonstrates an Ability of “MSO – Master Service Orchestrator” to configure Service Assurance probe on a router using IPSA (as device controller) and also to configure Service Assurance probe on vSwitch using ODL (as device controller).

From Orchestration view point, we are also implementing On boarding of VNFs: Demonstrates an ability of an orchestrator to interface with Openstack VIM to on-board vEPC and vIMS components. Keep track of constituent VMs for a VNF. VM parameters for a VNF to be tracked are : VM Image type (qcow, qcow2, iso etc), #of vCPUs, Memory required per VM etc.

From Service Assurance and close control loop perspective, we are implementing scenario to handle event, have it resolved and then correlate event impact with other components to resolve other related events.

Wi-Fi Offload

The SKU details the best of breed partner eco system chosen to realize the Wi-Fi offload solution for the CSP to enable them to provide a more cost effective solution to deliver both voice and data services to their end subscribers. This in turn enables mobile operators to add more capacity in an affordable and flexible way. The Wi-Fi solution is based on a controller less architecture and provides the access point management and provisioning capabilities on cloud.

Virtualized RAN (vRAN)

Virtualized RAN is a novel radio access network architecture. It is a enabler for services supporting the Internet of Things and a key first step in meeting the 5G objectives. vRAN creates a flexible and dynamic RAN environment for 5G introduction by separating network functions from underlying hardware and digital processing from radio units. It supports better radio coordination techniques and is able to adapt to non-uniform traffic by utilize the resources more efficiently and reduce cost of network operations. The vRAN architecture is flexible enough to support Small cells and HetNet and can more efficiently handle LTE-Advanced features like CoMP, eICIC, Carrier aggregation and much more.