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Tech Mahindra’s VNF Xchange is the Industry’s First Product Independent Global Platform for end-to-end solution integration, pre-certifying VNF Design, VNF Stack and VNF performance. Service Providers and enterprises can choose complete end to end ecosystem of products suiting their use cases and solutions from the VNF Exchange and use Tech Mahindra’s services ranging from Consulting Services to System Integration.

Key Highlights:

  • Provides End-to-End Solution Validations as against Product Validations
  • Pre-certified components
  • Optimize your Lab Investments
  • Tech Mahindra’s SI services and accelerators for faster SDN/NFV adoption
  • Wide choice of an Ecosystem of Partners
  • Reduced Risk in adopting Virtualization - Complements existing Industry Programs
  • Innovative Business Models

How is VNFXchange different from other industry initiatives?

Standards Oriented

Specifying a common Architecture

Industry Body

Recommendation is theoretical

Set of VNFs that can work in a common architecture

An agreed framework to design solution

Choice of vendors

Vendor Driven

Specifying VNFs that can run on a common infrastructure

An Ecosystem of VNFs

Standalone qualification for VNF

Set of Pre-certified VNFs capable of working on the same type of infrastructure

Functionally pre-certified choice of vendors Standalone performance benchmarking Ideal for best-of-suite solution

VNF Xchange

Specifying E2E solutions comprising multiple VNFs

A practical E2E solution realization

Qualification for solution comprising multiple VNFs on common infrastructure

Set of Pre-certified interworking VNFs with some solution accelerators

Functionally pre-certified choice of vendors E2E performance benchmarking Ideal for best-of-breed solution

Our Solutions


We are realizing an end to end VoLTE service in the VNFXchange that is based on IP Multimedia Subsystem and Evolved Packet Core system with specific profiles for control and media planes of voice service on LTE defined by GSMA in PRD IR92.

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Smart Street Lighting

The Smart Street Lighting Use Case is an end-to-end use case that is intended to demonstrate our System Integration capabilities (as would be the case for all SKUs).

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Mobile Edge Computing

MEC based solutions are part of SMART-X offerings. The focus is to deliver digital content and applications from Network Edge i.e. as close as possible to users.

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We are establishing an End-to-End SD WAN solution. The service will be built using commercially available virtualized components.

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We have displayed Hybrid (Multi-Domain) Provisioning. Demonstrates an Ability of "MSO - Master Service Orchestrator" to configure Service Assurance probe on a router using IPSA (as device controller) and also to configure Service Assurance probe on vSwitch using ODL (as device controller).

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Wi-Fi Offload

The SKU details the best of breed partner eco system chosen to realize the Wi-Fi offload solution for the CSP to enable them to provide a more cost effective solution to deliver both voice and data services to their end subscribers.

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Achieving Bussiness Agility

With the advent of SDN (Software Defined Network) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) and the fact that Communication Service Providers (CSPs) across the globe have embarked on the journey of execution of their NFV strategy; the very aspect of “Service Agility” takes the center stage.

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Fronthaul Technologies

The mobile communication industry is currently heading towards the fifth generation (5G) network. The new network strategy is to meet 5G objectives & challenges such as 1000x rise in traffic volumes, 1000x more connected devices, 100x improvement in speeds. . .

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TechM Addressing Challenges

Carriers are experiencing an increasingly challenging environment in which they have to continuously scale their current networks in order to meet the rapidly growing traffic demand while having to settle for declining revenues.

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People from across the societies, irrespective of age, have adopted the digital way of life. The trend has increased manifold over the past 10-15 years. Initially, it was technology that enabled people to connect..

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About Us

Tech Mahindra's VNFXchange is the Industry's First Product Independent Global Platform for end-to-end solution integration, pre-certifying VNF Design, VNF Stack and VNF performance.

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Email Id: support@vnfxchange.org